About Us

The Changing Point Productions is a registered business in Singapore that specializes in 3 main aspects, Videography, Artiste Management Unit and the Photography Unit. Our Video Productions Unit is in charge of producing Local Online Drama and Variety Serials for local and regional viewers; as well as for Videography Engagements for corporate and government agencies. Our past corporate clients include SingTel, Badminton Europe, Mediacorp and Singapore Flyer.

Our Video Productions unit aims to best deliver aims through moving visuals. The Changing Point Productions Artiste Management Department currently handles the management and welfare of our Artistes under our stable. We work closely with Mediacorp and Production houses to ensure that our Artistes have various experiences, from Online Television to Television.

We also provide grooming and acting courses to our Artistes; to ensure that they nurture and grow under our wing.

Last but not least, our Photography Unit provides photographic services to corporate and editorial clients.
Other than providing top quality photographic contents, we also believe in creating a cohesive and dynamic environment for our customers.

The Changing Point Productions has its global business network managed by Mediate sitting on the advisory board, Mediate consults us in our global business affairs, negotiating and securing our global partnerships and business. Badminton Europe is one of the clients that Mediate has helped to liaise with.

We see ourselves as a big family with a common goal. The goal is to better the local media scenes with a new wave of plots, talents and courses. We believe that it is important to Share-Nurture-Love and we hope you’ll join us in daring to dream. Dare to Dream. Because we dared to, 10 years ago.