Belle Chuah

Coming from humble beginnings, Belle travelled from Johore to Singapore in 2011 to take part in our 9th Generation Auditions.

After she successfully cleared her auditions, she waited for nearly a year before receiving her first role in web serial ‘Pottery’, where she went on to bag four awards at the 2013 Awards Ceremony.

She won the ‘Best Newcomer Award’, ‘Rising Star of The Year’, ‘Best Supporting Actress’, ‘Most Popular Female Artiste’ all in one night, making her the first ever artiste in TCP to receive four trophies at the event.

In the following year, Belle went on to win her second ‘Best Supporting Actress Award’, making her the only actress to receive the award twice in a row. Belle won her second acting accolade for her role in blockbuster drama ‘The Wield’.

In 2016, she won her first Best Actress award for her role in comedy series, Ya Mei.

Belle is signed and proudly managed by The Changing Point Productions.

∙ Best Supporting Actress: Pottery (2013); The Wield (2014)
∙ Best Actress: Ya Mei (2016)
∙ Most Popular Female Artiste (2013)
∙ Best Newcomer Award (2013)
∙ Rising Star of the Year (2013)