Carmen Lai

Since young, Carmen have actively pursued her interest in the arts. With her backgrounds in arts and theatre, Carmen went on to participate in many theatre plays and musicals.

Carmen is a multi-talented actress who is able to excel in both acting and hosting. Her splendid performance as a muddle-headed girl in web serial ‘Otah’ scored her a Best Supporting Actress win in 2011. She then went on to capture the Best Variety Host award for her hosting capabilities in food show ‘Food Talks’.

In 2012, Carmen was cast in an advertisement trailer as the lead actress for Singapore Flyer’s Frightfest. In 2014, she was also chosen to host Caldecott Queen, Zoe Tay’s fan gathering!

Her acting experiences include web series 《陶瓷》,《甘榜仔》,《少年时的遗憾》. Carmen is currently taking a Degree in Theatre and will major in the arts.

Carmen is signed and proudly managed by The Changing Point Productions.

∙ Best Variety Host: Food Talks 2 (2013)
∙ Best Supporting Actress: Otah (2012)
∙ Most Popular Female Artiste (2012) (2013) (2014) (2015)