Chin Kaile

Kaile is one of the pioneer actressess who joined The Changing Point Productions in 2006. Since then, she has participated in over 6 web series as the lead actress. Her perseverance and hard work earned her a Best Actress Award in 2013 for her role as a strong-willed woman in Pottery. Apart from acting, Kaile is also a bilingual host. She was the host for TCP’s first formal variety show 《我的旅程》.

Kaile puts in a lot of hard work and effort for all of her drama serials. She highlights all of her lines and scribble notes to make sure she gets the script description right. She is often seen as a role model to our new actors!

Kaile will have a comeback drama titled《富少惨遇三剑客》as the female lead later this year.

Kaile is signed and proudly managed by The Changing Point Productions.

∙ Best Newcomer (2006)
∙ Top 6 Most Popular Female Artiste (2009) (2011) (2012) (2013)
∙ Best Actress (2013)