David Matthew

After taking part in our 13th Generation Auditions and successfully getting in, David is one of the few artistes chosen to be groomed by both our drama and variety departments! David is a versatile and talented actor and host as he is capable of doing roles of all genres and hosting shows of all formats. His charisma and talents have brought in many opportunities for him.

Within a short span of 1 year, David was given the opportunity to star as the lead actor for Tiong Bharu Plaza’s commercial alongside Tan Chu Xuan. He was also given a major role in Aloysius Pang’s Short film《Smile, I’m Safe!》and played the lead role in a featured short for a Major project (directed by Basil Yeo). He was also chosen to host The Changing Point Productions 10th Anniversary Awards Ceremony in 2016 as the anchor host, effectively becoming the first actor from the 13th Generation to branch into hosting.

In 2017, David will further showcase his acting skills in our upcoming blockbuster drama《特警员》.

David is signed and proudly managed by The Changing Point Productions.