Tan Chu Xuan

A familiar face on television, Chu Xuan has appeared in Channel 8 Drama Serials《萤火虫的梦》, 《手足》, 《心花朵朵开》, 《泳闯琴关》,《 逆潮 》,《起飞》and Tele-Movie ‘《再见阳光》, where she starred across ‘I Not Stupid’ star, Shawn Lee.

As a recognisable local actress, Chu Xuan has supported and endorsed certain local brands like Bee Cheng Hiang. She was also chosen as the ambassador for local brand Rare Attitude in 2014 and is the current ambassador for local salon, Dave and Audrey. Some of Chu Xuan’s other sponsors include BioSkin, Aries Gold Watches and The Stage Walk.

In 2017, Chu Xuan will helm a brand new web series titled 《最后一愿望》 as the female lead!

Chu Xuan is signed and proudly managed by The Changing Point Productions.

∙ Most Popular Female Artiste (2015) (2016)