Yvonne Goh

Yvonne was signed shortly after taking part in our 12th Generation auditions. Since then, she has participated in a few web series including 《少年时的遗憾》and《Losing Time》. Her role as a cheated housewife in Losing Time also gained her a Top 6 Most Popular Female Artiste Award at the recent TCP 10th Anniversary Awards Ceremony. She was also cast as the female lead in tokuAsia’s short film 《》Recently, she also hosted Brian Ng’s first fan gathering at Riverboat.

This year, Yvonne will begin to dabble in both acting and hosting projects. She will be acting in upcoming web dramas《富少惨遇三剑客》and 《特警员》.

Yvonne is signed and proudly managed by The Changing Point Productions.

∙ Top 6 Most Popular Female Artiste 2016